5 Steps to Convert Potential Customers through Content Localization

Running your own business online gives you the opportunity to grow your reach and start working in more than one parts of the world.

Not only you will be able to expand your sales but also you will be able to come in contact with many different cultures and types of customers.

If you wish to make your business successful around the world, you will have to learn how to use localization techniques to your advantage.

In order to help you achieve your goals, here are 5 ways through which you will be able to convert potential customers by localizing the content you produce.


#1 Offer Multilingual Customer Support

One of the most important things you can do in order to use your content to your advantage is to make sure that you offer your customer support services in all the languages your website supports.

Being able to answer to online comments, solve questions and answer various emails is a very important part of running a business online.

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If you have translated your website in more than one language, you will have to make sure to hire the right people who will be able to represent your company in every language you are using.

This will help make your audience feel a lot safer about the services you provide them with and it will help them put their trust into your products and services.


#2 Localize Your Existing Content

Another thing you need to keep into consideration is that you already have a ton of perfectly usable content on your website.

Instead of putting more resources into creating new content from scratch, you can always simply start your localization journey by picking content that performed well with your audience and proceed to translate it to your desired languages.

This tactic will help save you a lot of time, it will allow you to see how your already successful content is performing in other countries and it will be a good way for you to see what changes you need to make in order to make your content more appealing to potential customers from other countries.


#3 Always Work With a Native Translator

Working with a native translator is always essential when it comes to localization. Bilingual people who speak two languages fluently are your best option when it comes to making sure that your readers will be able to perfectly understand and relate to your content.

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This happens mainly because of certain native words and phrases, which can oftentimes not be translated accurately from one language to another.

While some translators who have been doing this job for years might be able to translate such phrase correctly, most of them will struggle and you will have a much more polished result if you choose to work with a professional native translator.

If you don’t know where to find a professional localization service in order to connect with the right native translator for your content localization needs, you can always find help through services such as TheWordPoint.

Such services work with the best and most talented translators in order to provide high-quality services for the companies they partner with.


#4 Offer Discounts on National Holidays

A good idea with content localization is to make sure to upload posts whenever there is a national holiday in a country you have expanded your business activities in.

During holidays, people have time off work and tend to spend more time on their mobile devices and therefore the internet.

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By taking this factor into consideration, you can simply follow some big holidays through your Google Calendar and see whenever a big holiday is approaching. Offering your audience a good discount for that day, will motivate them to consider making a purchase since they will feel more relaxed.

On top of that, a big discount that is applying to that certain holiday and lasts for only a short amount of time will help create a sense of urgency which will make your audience consider making a quick purchase even more.


#5 Use Localized SEO

Last but not least, another trick you need to incorporate into your content localization strategy is localized SEO. No matter which language you choose to work with, localized keywords will always be a good way for you to attract more customers.

This happens because many people will come to find your content through search engines and optimizing your content with the right keywords in each language will allow your posts to rank high in the results of those pages.

You can find a plethora of free online tools which can help you achieve this result. Just keep in mind that in this situation, a simple translation of a successful keyword in English will possibly not work, since different keywords in different languages will rank differently on each search engine.


Localizing your Content to Attract a Bigger Audience

When you decide to work with more than one language on your website, you will have to be prepared to make plenty of changes in the way you work.

A simple translation is not going to be the ideal solution and localization is so much more than just that.

These tips will help you find the right ways to use content localization to your advantage and help your brand grow by converting more customers without much effort.

Which of them are you most looking forward to trying in the near future?


Please share your opinion in the comments column below! Thank you!


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