Are you lately thinking on or preparing to quit your job? Do you already wrote your resignation letter but have no idea what else to prepare?


One thing is sure that quitting a job is not an easy move to take on. More over when you’ve been in your position for a long time and you’ve been really good at what you do, makes you have a good track record.

Or otherwise, you have had bad experiences during your work, thus you really want to leave quietly before anyone knows it.

Or you want to quit your job but you don’t want to hurt your team leader’s feeling.


Reason to Quit Your Job

First thing first, you should have a good or right reason behind your decision to leave the job.

Generally, the common reason workers leave their job is because they are looking for a new opportunity or a new challenge, but there also a lot of people decide to quit their job because they’re tired, having a complicated relationship with the other workers, bored, or just retiring.


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After all, no one can judge you on what’s right or wrong regarding your reason of quitting your job.

So, the most important thing you have to prepare is to do it tactfully and professionally. By doing so, you show that you respect your company and it would also help your career in advance.


How to Quit Your Job

Here are the tact and professional steps for you to quit your job.


#1 Prepare Your Financial Budget

If the reason of you quitting the job is to look for a new opportunity, it means you probably haven’t got the new job, or in the middle of waiting a reply from the company you applied on.

So, you must secure your cash while waiting. Sometimes, it takes 3 to 6 months for someone to get accepted to a new job. You should prepare enough money to live in those 3-6 months.


#2 Give Notice

If you have a legal assigned contract that states a certain time to give notice when you want to quit the job, do exactly as the contract.

If you have no such contract, two weeks is a good standard to make a notice that you will leave the company. Giving notice also is the part of maintaining good relationship with your employer.

Otherwise, if you have a really urgent, serious matter or issue as the reason to resign, then immediately let your employer know.

Some of these critical reasons are sexual harassment.

If your employer or other employees ever done this to you, either verbal or non-verbal, and it happens multiple times, you should quit as soon as possible and let the law enforcers in your area know.

Other serious issues are physical abuse, high level stress jobs that has a serious effect on mental health, incompatible salary as written on contract, or personal issue that force you to leave the job immediately.  


#3 Clear Your Computer and Personal Belongings

Do clean your computer and personal belongings before you leave the company. Start with copying the files that are on the computer or laptop to your flash disk.

If the size of the files is too big you can make the copy in the large-capacity device like external hard-disk.

Don’t forget to delete other files that you don’t need any more or junk files that probably will not be used by the company.

After you finish with the files, you can clean the desk, put your belongings to some boxes. Finally, you can give the key and the computer or laptop to your employer.


#4 Make Resignation Checklists

The next step that you have to do is making resignation checklists such as your last salary, compensations, pension, health benefits, or retirement plan.

It is your right to know what you can get when you resign from your company. You can ask the details about it to your employer.


#5 Write A Resignation Letter

Take some time to write your resignation letter. It is important to write professionally because resignation will include your employment file and it will be shared with your next employer.

Some things to consider when writing resignation letter are; try to be as simple as you can, don’t write too detail about why you are quitting that job, focused on the point, and don’t need to say other thing beside your resignation.

Make sure that you are taking out the negative sides of your job or employer even if you didn’t like them.

Moreover, your resignation letter must include the time when you are leaving, thus your employers can prepare some documents or file even a reference letter that you need.


#6 Ask for A References

Before you leave the job, remember to get the recommendation letters from your former employers.

You can ask them to write the recommendation letters and send them directly to you by email or write such a Linkedln recommendation.


#7 Ask for A Letter of Statement

A letter of statement is a written statement from your employer that declare or affirm that you had been worked in their company. This serve as a proof that affirms your curriculum vitae (CV).

Some company provide this type of letter but some don’t. Many templates of this letter can be accessed from the internet.


#8 Don’t Quit Without Saying Goodbye

The last thing you have to do is saying goodbye. Don’t renounce without saying goodbye. The other steps will be useless if you leave your job by saying no words at the end.

Send a farewell message to your employer and the other workers you are close with, so they can know that you are leaving for a new job, searching another job, just retiring, or doing another thing with your life.

You can send your farewell message through email or Linkedln personally.



Quitting a job is not a simple process, but it doesn’t mean that you can do it arbitrarily.

It has to be done decently and professionally, so you can walk out the door at light heart and enjoy your new job or something else that you want to do in the future.

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Hopefully, this article is useful to help you be prepared before quit your job. Share this article to other people who are preparing for resignation.  



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