What’s the strategy to buy a house? How to get your down payment to buy a house? And how to pay the bill?

Here are some tips for you!!


A research done by rumah123.com reveals that only 5 of ten millennials can afford to buy a house in 2020. Why? Is the house price that expensive?

The truth is, yes! The main reason is because the prices are way too expensive.


The Surging Price of Housing

Do you know that the housing price increasing time to time?

The price you may hear now will go even higher each year. For example: a house was only priced a billion rupiah 5 years ago, and now, with 8% inflation each year, that house become one and a half billion rupiahs.

If the house is already more expensive than the year before, imagine how expensive it would be in the future?

So, can we buy a house when the price is so expensive? The answer is yes! How? Let me tell you now.


2 Strategies To Have A House This Year

Basically, there are 2 ways to buy a house, through cash and debt (KPR – loan for house ownership). So, what is the difference? When to use cash and when to use KPR?

Let’s jump right into the explanation below.


#1 Through Cash

Let’s say the price of a house you want to buy now is 1 billion (Rp). The likely ways to pay down through cash are:


#Working hard to earn more income

By having active and passive income, the chances are you can pay down the house with cash. This certainly will take some time until you collect all the money.

You can look for a side-job that you can earn a lot of money from, such as an insurance agent, property agent, or business online.

With persistence and determination, you will finally collect Rp.1 billion. Remember, you still can accelerate your money’s growth by investing. Here is an article on investing to help grow your money.


#Married with the crazy rich

If your spouse is a crazy rich, you’ll probably won’t spend money to buy a house, because your spouse will cover that for you. And some crazy rich give a house as a present for their child’s wedding.


#Get inheritance

Get an inheritance Rp 1 billion from your parents, or other relatives. Believe it or not, this event is still happening today.

If you are lucky enough, you can get a house as an inheritance from your parents or relatives.

But, how if you don’t have that much cash to buy a house, what would you do?

There’s no other way than buying through loan (KPR) from a bank.


#2 Loan From a Bank

A facility from a bank to give loan for buying a house is known as KPR (Kredit Kepemilikan Rumah/loan for home ownership) or KPA (Kredit Kepemilikan Apartemen/loan for apartment ownership).

Strategy to buy a house or apartment through a loan can be done by any millennials. Though it is not easy, if you really put your whole effort into it, you can make it.

So, how does it work?

Let’s break down into several steps:


#1 Prepare the down payment

You need to prepare for the down payment first. The amount can be from 10% – 90% of the house price. The lesser money for the down payment, the lesser the loan you’ll receive.


#2 The difference of house price and the down payment

The bank will charge interest from the loan that you take. The difference of the house price and the down payment is the amount of your loan.

Here is an example: let’s say that B wants to buy an apartment in street C. The price is Rp 500 million. He wants to buy the apartment in five years from now. His income is Rp 8 million.

What is B strategy to get the apartment?

Note: this calculation uses an assumption. Find out how to calculate in Group Komunitas Milenial: Muda, Keren, Punya Properti.

First, prepare the down payment. From the calculation, B needs to invest: Rp 3.6 million every month. The investment target is 12% each year.  With the investment, the amount of down payment is Rp 293.865.615.

The total number of installments he needs to pay is Rp 5.290.321 per month for 15 years or 180 times.


Get Your First 100 Million

Now, here is what you can do to get your first Rp 100 million cash for the down payment. Follow these practices.


#1 Start from Emergency Fund

As you already know, an emergency fund is money stored for urgent, financial pitfalls, or unpredictable situations.

Such as this time during the Corona pandemi, it is necessary to keep some cash that you can easily withdraw.

The ideal amount for this fund is the total of 6 to 12 months of your wage. Usually, new investors have no emergency fund.

Over Kredit Rumah Apa Untung dan Ruginya ya 01 - Finansialku

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If you are single and have a salary Rp 4 million/month, the total is 6 × Rp 4 million, that is Rp 24 million.  If you are married, the fund is the total of 9 to 24 months of income.

To count your emergency fund easy and fast, use Finansialku app.


#2 Continue with a simple plan

Without a plan, your wish to have Rp 100 million will be just a dream. So, start making goal statements with SMART, an acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely.

For example: I want to have Rp 100 million in 3 years. Now I have only Rp 24 million, I need Rp 76 million more. 

Now, let’s make a simulation to make Rp 76 million without investment.

Rp 76 million: (3 years x 12 months) =Rp 2.1 million


From the simulation result, it takes a regular investment of Rp 2.1 million each month during 34 months to reach the target investment of 10% each year. 

Maybe you are asking, what investment that is suitable and could make a return of 10% each year? The answer is a lot. There are many types of investment that fits this goal such as mutual funds, stocks, or P2P lending.

If you want to make a regular investment, you can easily open Finansialku app, click on Rencana Keuangan menu, choose Dana Menabung Rutin, and fill with your data.


There Is Always A Way

Probably you get many questions popping out about buying your first house, such as what is the best investment for down payment? how to choose the loan (KPR)? what are some tips to get KPR approved?

You’d get the answer by joining this community, Group Komunitas Milenial: Muda, Keren, Punya Properti, where you’ll discover practical tips to buy a house from professionals.

You’ll also get a guideline for a year ahead.



The main reason for millennials to rent rather than buy a house or apartment is because the price is soaring up from time to time.

But, with the practical steps shared in this article, any millennials can buy their first house even when they don’t have enough money at the moment.


Hopefully, your dream to buy your first house can become true sooner after applying these strategies into your financial.

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