7 Batam Resorts and Hotels Will Drive You to Batam Island

Batam Resorts and Batam Hotels: Batam is a beautiful Indonesia treasure which is across from Singapore. It offers both best coastal and nature experiences and Metropolitan city.

Thus, it would be a perfect choice if you are looking for a holiday break to Indonesia. To give clear direction, you just need a 40 minutes ride on the speed boat from Singapore to Batam.

This small island is known for a place to relax and one of most popular holiday destination in Indonesia.

You might not get some historical places but you will get numerous choices of spas, hotels and resorts, cafes and other nightlife places and entertainments.  

That’s why Batam is famous place to get relaxing holiday, or even a short weekend, getaway for tourists.

Instead of visiting the most famous tourist destination in Indonesia, Bali, try to visit Batam which allow you to ride a two – way ferry ride from Singapore to Batam as low as US$38.

The other perks will be the different and exciting experience from your friends who choose to visit Bali.

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If you are planning to visit Batam, you won’t miss out lots of beautiful yet affordable hotels and resorts in Batam which will indulge your inner peace.


#1 Batam Resorts and Hotel: Holiday Inn Resort Batam

From the list of resorts and hotels mentioned in this article, Holiday Inn Resort Batam might be the most expensive one.

But the various facilities come up with the price. The resorts offer 4 kind of restaurants including Japanese, Thai, Chinese and International cuisines.

The resorts also provides wellness facilities including massage parlor and other activities such as karaoke, arcade or water slides.

Batam Island Holiday Inn Resort Batam 03 - Finansialku

Holiday Inn Resort Batam


Address: Waterfront City Batam, 29422, Sekupang, Indonesia

Telephone Number: +62 778 381 333

Price: Starts US$107 per night

Official Website: www.holidayinnresorts.com


#2 Batam Resorts and Hotel: Siroji Resort & Spa

Siroji Resorts and Spa is not only offering relaxing spa and pleasing room to stay in. But you will be immersed with beautiful and relaxing view by the hill and make you away from noise of city life.

The resorts and spa which is located in Sekupang.

You can charge for just US$66 per might and book it online. It doesn’t only offer beautiful view and room but also free wifi in all rooms and public areas.

Batam Island Siroji Resort & Spa 04 - Finansialku

Siroji Resort & Spa


Address: Jl. Ir. Sutami No. 6, Sungai Harapan, Sekupang, Batam Kota, Kepulauan Riau 29421, Indonesia

Telephone Number: +62 778 323388

Price: Starts US$66 per night

Official Website: www.sijoriresort.com.sg


#3 Batam Resorts and Hotel: Batam View Beach Resort

If Siroji Resorts and Spa offers a great view of hill, Batam View Beach Resort lets you peek into their Organic Farm and Spice & Herb Garden. It doesn’t stop there, the farmers may let you try to do a quick gardening work.

What’s more interesting is you stay close to animal corner, this will let you to be in touch and be friends with cute animals from cute household pets to exotic ones such as iguanas.

This resort is a great choice if you want to stay even closer to nature. Because it offers water sport to Kayak along mangrove.

This experience will let you take a closer look and completely immersed in various flora and fauna of Indonesia. Furthermore, the price offer is very valuable as you will only be charged for US$82 per night.

Batam Island Batam View Beach Resort 05 - Finansialku

Island Batam View Beach Resort


Address: Jl. Hang Lekir, Nongsa, Batam Island, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia

Telephone Number: +62 778 7617 40

Price: Starts US$82 per night

Official Website: www.batamview.com


#4 Batam Resorts and Hotel: Turi Beach Resort

Turi Beach Resort can be your adventure paradise for your escape. By staying in this place, you can experience bunch of activities in just one place.

It offers more than 15 different activities for you to try, from steamboat dinner or couple massage, hiking or golfing to jet blading. If your energy hasn’t drown yet, you can enjoy their nightclub and bar.

As it offers everything in one resorts, it will charge you from US$119 per night and include free wifi.

Batam Island Tuki Beach Resort 06 - Finansialku

Tuki Beach Resort


Address: Jalan Hang Lekiu, 29465, Indonesia

Telephone Number: +62 778 761 080

Price: Starts US$119 per night

Official Website: www.turibeach.com


#5 Batam Resorts and Hotel: KTM Resort Batam

This KTM Resort Batam can be your extra trip experience if you want to stay in Batam and having the feel to stay in Bali. Because this resort will give you a cosy Balinese ambience.

It is made of huts and furnished with wood which line along the beach.

Of course, staying in this Balinese huts give you a wonderful view every time you open the window. This resort also provides free wifi in all its rooms and public areas.

Batam Island KTM Resort Batam 07 - Finansialku

KTM Resort Batam


Address: Jl. Kolonel Soegiono Tanjung Pinggir, 29432 Sekupang, Indonesia

Telephone Number: +62 778 323 700

Price: Starts US$51 per night

Official Website: www.ktmresort.com


#6 Batam Resorts and Hotel: Nongsa Point Marina & Resort

Nongsa Point Marina & Resort is a beautiful resort which located by the beachside. Staying in this resort will cure your curiosity if you ever wonder what it feels like to live in Sentosa Cove.

It is not only that, staying in Nongsa will give you a little experience how to live in a high – life such as drinking your wine at the beachside bar. Plus, various choices of water sport including canoeing or fishing.

Last but not least, you won’t miss any internet involvement as it provides free wifi in all rooms and public areas. 

Batam Island Nongsa Point Marina & Resort 08 - Finansialku

Nongsa Point Marina & Resort


Address: Jalan Hang Lekiu Nongsa, Batam Island, Kepulauan Riau

Telephone Number: +62 778 761 333

Price: Starts US$92 per night

Official Website: www.nongsapointmarina.com


#7 Batam Resorts and Hotel:  Harris Resort Batam Barelang

Harris hotel is one of biggest hotel company in Indonesia. But Harris Resort Batam Barelang in Batam can be known as an affordable family hotel and resorts.

It will charge you start from US$50 per night.

The room is perfectly made for a family vacation, especially if you bring your children along because one room can fit family of 4 with age around of 12 kids.

As the concept is a family hotel and resorts, the facility and activity choices are not only offered for the adults but for children too.

Batam Island Harris Resort Batam Barelang 09 - Finansialku


Address: Trans Barelang Street, Tembesi, Marina City, Batam Island, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia, 29439

Telephone Number: +62 778 409 1111

Price: Starts US$50 per night

Official Website: www.barelang-batam.harrishotels.com


Extra Tips to Get Your Vacation Even More Unforgettable in Batam

Indeed, Batam offers various luxurious resorts and hotels that bring you closer to nature.

But, those are not only offered by Batam Island, there are other reasons why Batam is perfect place to explore the waters kingdom with bunch of water activities.

So, here are extra tips to get your vacations in Batam become even more unforgettable.


#1 Enjoy Water Sports

Water sport activities are a must when you visit Batam as this small island that is surrounded by water. You might also do that activities in Singapore, but in Batam, you would save your budget.

Some tourist water activities are including canoeing, snorkeling, or jet skiing.


#2 Sailing to Bintan Island

It turns out Batam Island is not the only beautiful small Island owned by Indonesia. Bintan Island is the other small paradise which is located close to Batam. This island is still virgin compared to Batam Island.

Hence, it will provide you luxurious and super beautiful beach view with white sands and crystal clear water.

Batam Island Sailing to Bintan Island 10 - Finansialku

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If you are not on a tight budget, sailing from Batam to Bintan Island will be delightful treat for your holiday. This small island is the perfect suit to enjoy 100% nature life by the beach and away from the crowd.


#3 Dig in Super Fresh Seafood

Water activities without indulging its fresh seafood? The seafood offered is way cheaper and you wouldn’t doubt its freshness.

If you visit Batam, try some famous seafood restaurant such as the Sei Enam Seafood Restaurant, Harbour Bay Seafood or the Rezeki Seafood Restaurant.

You would like to try some of Batam’s signature dishes including Black Pepper Crab and Crunchy Calamary.


#4 Witness Sunset at Barelang Bridge

Barelang Bridge is an iconic place in Batam and your Batam Island exploration isn’t complete without passing through this bridge.

It is actually the bridging Batam Island and Galang Island, another small Island which is close to Batam and still in Kepulauan Riau.

To get the best experience while passing through the bridge, you can catch the beautiful sunset in the late afternoon.

Batam Island Barelang Bridge 11 - Finansialku

Barelang Bridge in Batam Island


#5 Golfing Around

Batam is known for its beautiful beaches and resorts, but it doesn’t mean you can experience other activities. You can still play a golf as Batam is also known as the golfer’s paradise.

The small Island offers seven different ranges to golfing around. You can play golf in Batam Hills Golf Resorts, The Palm Springs Gold, Beach Resort or Padang Golf Sukajadi.


Have you ever been stayed in Batam Resorts? Please, share your comments and your experiences, thank you.



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