We all know that saving money is essential to our lives, so here are our best ways to save money! Especially for you, as a students.



Student life is amazing.

As you go through life as a student, it is a right time for you to also develop your skill in managing your financial resources well.

Learning to save money plays a huge part in this area.

Due to the demands of your studies, you simply cannot generate income just like full-time employees.

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Add the pressure of all those expenses involved in keeping up with your matriculation fees and miscellaneous fees, you may feel intimidated with all this idea of saving money. 

You probably know some of the basics and have been doing it. It may be the extensive conservation of household electricity. Or making your cup of coffee instead of buying costly ones from coffee shops.

If you are doing so, definitely keep on doing that!

Still, keep on reading and follow the tips below.

These will surely help you save those bucks! It only requires you to be intentional in saving until you naturally form the habit of doing so.

In no particular order, here they are:



Making a budget is laying a strong foundation for setting and achieving your money-saving goals. It helps you to get those finances monitored.

You must first know how much money you earn and where it all goes. Keep a list of all the items.

It’s up to your preference whether you would use a pen and paper or resort to downloading digital applications with ready-made.

Search the web and you can easily find abundant ways to keep a budget electronically. List items like-rent, utilities, food, transportation, and medical expenses.

Also, list those expenses incurred for entertainment purposes! The key is to make your budgeting as specific and accurate as possible. Take note of even how small expenses add up.

After listing all the items, you can now observe your spending behavior and start cutting down on expenditures you consider to be too much or unnecessary.

You can then allocate the difference to other more important things like saving.



Make use of your student ID! There are lots of discounts available to students.

From public transportation to stores and restaurants, you can avail discounts by presenting your valid student ID.

Aside from student ID, you can keep track of discounts for things you are going to buy anyway.

Some apps can assist you in finding great offers. However, you have to watch out about sales and discounts that make you buy things you don’t have to.



Another way to stick to your budget and save more is to reduce the amount spent on your accommodation.

The cost of student housing can be a large chunk of a student’s expenses.

If your campus is too far from home, you must consider sharing an apartment or room with other people. Just make sure that you follow all the right procedures.

Not only can you split the cost of rent but also save some money on bills, furniture, etc. Another option is to live in dorms and share a room with someone than living off-campus which typically costs higher.

Most importantly, always consider your safety while making decisions regarding accommodations.


Bonus Tip:

If the weather allows, you can also buy, borrow, or rent a bicycle to use for your everyday transportation.

Not only you can save on transportation costs, but physical activity will also give you a healthier lifestyle!



You can also inquire from your local bank if they have special saving arrangements for students.

Typically, they can offer good deals for students. You can start saving money for future financial goals.

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Another money-saving opportunity is checking out on scholarships you can qualify for.

Keep yourself updated on their application process so you can immediately prepare your documents—like forms and letters of recommendation, and apply on time before the deadline or before the next school enrollment.



Make sure that your studies are being well-taken cared for. Not only will you graduate on time, but it will also save you a huge amount of money for avoiding additional expenses incurred on added semesters.

Simply avoid unnecessary delays in finishing your course or degree.


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Before buying those brand new textbooks, take time to ask around first. You might be able to buy second-hand books at a cheaper price.

Moreover, you can find other students who are willing to lend their used books to you! You can even hit the social media platforms and find a community of students that buys and sells books. Simply swap your used books with theirs.



There’s the right time for buying a car. But if your goal is to save money while still studying, buying one is not advisable. It will only make you spend extra money.

Insurance, maintenance, gas, parking fees, and unexpected repairs can effortlessly add up to a hefty amount! You can always use public transportation to go around.

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And if you need to travel a long distance, just borrow a friend’s car or make use of the car-sharing programs that allows you to rent cars short-term.

On the other hand, if you already have one, you can save on gas by using apps or websites that can help you locate which gas stations might be offering the cheapest prices.



Use cash as much as possible. Credit cards can give you a false feeling of security.

If you are careless in using one, you might end up in huge debt. If for some reason, you need to have one, choose one with the lowest interest rate and only charge what you can afford to pay off in full monthly.

This will help you manage your payment schedule avoiding late fees.



One thing that can greatly affect your money-saving endeavor is buying things on impulse.

Impulsive buying is simply defined as tending to buy goods and services without planning.

Therefore, you end up messing your budget by doing so. Always evaluate yourself before consuming a product. Decide if it’s really a necessity or you are simply triggered by fleeting emotions.



Having a goal means taking steps to achieve that goal. In saving money as a student, keep in mind the importance of doing it.

When you know the importance of the reason behind a goal, it is easier to follow through with all the helpful tips you find.

Having a saving plan is a huge help in taking out some stress and burden to you.

It will give you some peace of mind that instead of stressing out on how to make ends meet as a student, you get to rest assured that you’ve done your part to save money.

Maximizing your incredible experience on the campus as a student.

“A simple fact that is hard to learn is that the time to save money is when you have some.” – Joe Moore


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