Want to access tips, and solutions for your finance real quick from Indonesia’ famous financial advisors? You can do just that with one click.

Do you know that many people still have difficulty to control their spending, manage budget, or reduce their debts? Why is this happening?

A survey from OJK (Financial Authority Service) in 2016 showed that 49% of people in Indonesia were still dominated by short-term goals in their finance to meet their daily needs, and to survive.

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This means the inability to manage finance well is a result of lack of awareness in a financial literacy.

However, you don’t have to worry anymore about gaining financial literacy. Today, plenty information of financial knowledge can be accessed easily, and directly from the best, and professional advisors.  

With professional financial advisors who offer their service online, you can obtain the financial consultancy you need quick, easily, and for free.

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Financial Advisor

A financial advisor is a profession to help an individual or family plan, and manage their finance so they can reach their short, middle, and long term financial goals.

In recent years, profession of financial planners in Indonesia are growing. Through the social media advisors can share various tips, and strategies about finance easily, and quickly.

As the result this profession gains more popularity among people, especially millenials. A financial advisor tells you how to open a small business, or shares you the strategies to manage personal cash flow. This information are made online, right at your fingertips.

Also, similar to a business consultant, a financial advisor gives consultancy on business. However, their focus is to arrange a plan, and strategies based on client’s financial goals.

He/she has important role not only to solve financial problems, but also to encourage financial literacy in his/her clients.

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Here are some areas that most of financial planners cover:

  1. cash flow
  2. individual taxes
  3. insurance
  4. retirement fund
  5. education fund
  6. major purchases (buying house, vehicle, wedding, vacation)
  7. wealth distribution (inheritance, estate, grant)
  8. investment products


Professional financial planners are those who have a certification as CFP or Certified Financial Planner. It shows that they are professional, credible, and work under the ethical code.

To obtain CFP degree, a financial planner needs to take several exams issued by Financial Planning Standard Board (FPSB) of Indonesia.

Finansialku application give you a way to reach a CFP in easy step. Just simply download Finansialku application and go to consultation section. You can get Finansialku application in Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


Famous Financial Advisors In Indonesia

Being famous for a profession, especially if it helps people get out of financial problems is truly a blessing, just like these famous financial advisors in Indonesia.

They have helped many Indonesians to solve their financial situations and achieve their financial goals. They love sharing insight in social media, through postings, and webinar.

As public figures, they are well-known in public events such as training, seminar, radio, and TV shows, and run their consultancy business. They also have professional experiences, various background, and specialties in financial world, and work actively to educate people on finance.

So, who are they? Let’s take a look at their brief profile down here.


#1 Safir Senduk

Safir Senduk is the first Indonesian independent financial planner who has been working since 1998 in financial consultancy. Together with his colleague he established a consultant office Safir Senduk & Rekan/Safir Senduk & Associates.

His name has gained public attention through many seminar, trainings, and events from TV, and radio. He also appears as a presenter in Money Talks a TV program presented by Metro TV.    

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Safir Senduk


As a CPF who also is a self-learner, Safir Senduk mission is to give family financial education for people, and help them making financial plan.

So far he has been published 10 books on financial planning, one of them is Karyawan Harus Nabung Biar Makmur (Saving For Prosperity For An Employee), and Siapa Bilang Jadi Karyawan Nggak Bisa Kaya (For Employee: Who Say You Can Not Be Rich).

Born in Jakarta, and graduated from STIE IBMI Jakarta, Safir Senduk created a mailing list in 2004 SSR-Klub@yahoogroups.com, and became the biggest mailing list on financial planning in Indonesia with more than 10.000 members.

To reach him, you can go to his Instagram account @safirsenduk.  


#2 Ligwina Hananto

Ligwina Hananto is among the pioneers of financial planning in Indonesia. She is a co-founder of QM Financial that has been operating for 16 years. She also is a financial literacy specialist in the firm.

Born in Bandung, Ligwina’ mission is to give financial training in personal financial plan, business financial report, and financial education for corporation. Her company focuses on clients from corporations, small businesses, and individuals.

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Ligwina Hananto


Her book Untuk Indonesia Yang Kuat: 100 Langkah Untuk Tidak Miskin (For A Stronger Indonesia: A 100 Steps Not To Be Poor) describes her vision for a stronger Indonesian middle class.

She believes that finance should be practical, and a stronger small business can create a stronger economy.  

Obtained her MBA from IPMI International Business School, Ligwina has taken certification as a planner from Financial Planning Standards Board, Certified Wealth Manager Association, and International Association of Registered Financial Consultants.

Her ability to serve well has made many clients trust her for their finance, and business management. In fact, being trustworthy is a trait you should have to be a professional financial planner.   

Find her on Instagram account @mrshananto or @qm_finance to know more about her work in financial literacy.


#3 Prita Ghozie

Since teenage, Prita Ghozie was already familiar with mutual fund products. She is an independent financial planner who frequently appears in media to give insight about finance, and investment.

Her book dedicated to women Menjadi Cantik, Gaya dan Tetap Kaya (Being Beautiful, Fashionable, And Still Rich) has been sold out with many copies.

Indonesia’s 8 Best & Famous Financial Advisors You Must Know 3 - Finansialku

Prita Ghozie


As a mother, lecturer, and co-founder of ZAP Finance, she actively gives consultation services, training, and seminar. Graduated from UI, and University of Sidney, Prita seeks to improve the financial literacy among women who mostly are her clients.

Although she finds many women in Indonesia still unable to make financial plan, and manage money, she believes they have important role in economy.

If you want to get more of her insight on women, and finance, financial plan scheme, and how to manage money for dating, go check her Instragram @pritaghozie or @zapfinance.


#4 Aidil Akbar Madjid

As an independent planner, Aidil began his career in US in the mid of 1990es.

Back in 2000, he began to introduce this profession through his consultancy company AFC/Akbar’s Financial Check Up, talk show, media, and Financial Planner Association, IARFC Indonesia that he lead. He also founded Aidil Akbar Madjid & Associates (AAMA).

Indonesia’s 8 Best & Famous Financial Advisors You Must Know 4 - Finansialku

Aidil Akar Madjid


Graduated from Bachelor of Business Administration (BAA) from Loyola Marymount University in 1994, Aidil has published 11 books on financial planner, and among them is Rich Game: Cara Kaya Dengan Investasi (Rich Game: Get Rich Through Investment).

He sees that financial literacy among millennials still concentrated in big cities such as Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bandung, and Bekasi. Therefore one of his mission is to increase the literacy of Indonesian people to reach their welfare.

Aidil also created application Moneesa and Rizkanna to help people plan their finance for free.

To consult with him go see his Instagram @aidilakbarmadjid.


#5 Melvin Mumpuni

Melvin Mumpuni is an independent financial planner who specializes in personal finance, corporate finance, investment, marketing, digital marketing, and fintech.

He is the founder of Finansialku.com in 2013, the only one financial planning start-up in Indonesia with education portal Finansialku.com, and finance application Finansialku for individual, and family.

Finansialku has a mission to help people in Indonesia achieve their financial goals through financial planning. The firm focused on giving financial literacy, and financial inclusion (easy access to financial products).

Melvin Mumpuni, CFP dan Kisah Sukses Finansialku 06 - Finansialku

Melvin Mumpuni


The services are given actively through consultation service, Finansialku application, seminar, and training in Youtube Channel Finansialku.com, and Finansialku community that have been greatly impacting many Indonesians’ life particularly young people.

As an MBA of Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB), and Parahyangan Chatolic University, Melvin’ passion is to help business by providing employees with financial planning to increase their productivity, and retention.

He has published a book Make A Plan, And Get Your Financial Dreams Come True that contains steps to build financial security with practical solutions for common financial problems.

Melvin actively shares his views on building personal financial security, investment, and business on his Instagram @melvinmupuni or @finansialku_com.  

Here’s a video of Melvin on “how to get your first 100 Million”. You can find this video in Finansialku youtube channel.


#6 Andhika Diskartes

Since studying at university, Andhika was already interested in investment. As a young investor, and financial advisor, he loves to shares his clients’ experiences on business, family, and individual finance.

As an independent planner, he founded Diskartes.com in 2015. It is a portal where you can learn about investment in capital market, block chain technology, and Indonesia economy analysis.

Indonesia’s 8 Best & Famous Financial Advisors You Must Know 6 - Finansialku

Andhika Diskartes


For those who want to get a complete knowledge on investment particularly in capital market, it is covered in his book Investory using story-telling style, and everyday language that’s easy to understand.

Interested in investment, business, and finance? Follow his Instagram @andhika.diskartes where he keeps you posted on those topics.  


#7 Jonathan End

People come to know Jonathan End since he open a sharing session on topic such as love, career, business, and finance via phone. This service brings much controversy in the social media as he puts rate for Rp 100.000 per 5 minutes which is too way expensive for some people.

Indonesia’s 8 Best & Famous Financial Advisors You Must Know 7 - Finansialku

Jonathan End


Nevertheless, he use his work experiences as Head of Social Media in GO-JEK, and architecture, to share meaningful insight for his clients.

Not only that, he also is an active influencer who posts content on finance, and well-being. Jonathan has a passion to help people grow in every aspects including finance.

Follow his Instagram @jonathanend where he posts his perspective about finance, and personal well-being.



Now that you’ve known 8 of Indonesia’ famous financial advisors, you can increase the financial knowledge through their perspectives as advisors from their postings for free.  

Share or ask anything about your financial condition with them. I believe they are ready to help you. If you plan to take any consultation with them be sure that you know the fee, and your budget.


Hopefully, this article helps you increase your financial literacy, and find the best financial advisor based on your goals. Share this information with other people who need a financial consultant service.


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