12 Helpful Shopping Tips On The Holiday Season

Shopping Tips: We tend to spend more money during the holiday season than in any other season. Normally in this period, many supermarkets offer a variety of products plus the discount price.

This is so tempting and if not careful we could end up in overspending.

Besides, the tendency to overindulge on expensive treats is so strong after many months of working. So, how can we shop while saving some money without creating debt?

Take a look at these 12 helpful shopping tips to control your budget in this tempting season of holiday.


#1 Create a Shop List

Plan your shopping. Always list the items you need before shopping. This keeps you from spending too much. And you don’t have to wander from one aisle to the others which saves you your time.

You might want to include a category such as durable or non-durable goods to identify or prioritize the items.

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For a quick listing download applications such as Grocery Shopping List on Google Play Store. It has a feature that allows a user to add items on the default setting. It is combined with a price list as well.

Unfortunately, the currency is in a default setting. But you can go with Cinnamon Grocery Shopping List or other new shop list applications to enable you to change the currency and share the shop list.


#2 Look for Second Hand Goods

Ask yourself whether the items you need that can be substituted with used goods. If you are the type of person who doesn’t mind with used items then this tip is fit for you.

Buy from a friend a travel pillow at a cheap price for your long holiday trip. If you go to a private party such as a friend or relative the chances are you can easily negotiate for a cheaper price or even get it for free.

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There are also some online shops that provide a second hand product. Visit sites such as BukaLapak, OLX or some online shop on Facebook or Instagram.

Some online stores have a specific product such as shoes, electronics or gadgets. But be sure that the store isn’t a fake or scam one.


#3 Compare The Price in Several Stores

It is worth your time and energy to compare prices. Especially when it comes to expensive and long-time-use items.

A store probably wouldn’t cover for all items at the price you want. Besides, this way can save you more than Rp1.000 per item.

Try dividing the amount of the item (grams for example) with the price to see the unit price. So you know the exact amount of money you are willing to pay for an item.

Online shopping such as Tokopedia, eBay or Amazon has a platform that allows customers comparing prices faster and easier.


#4 Buy in Bulk

This can save you big bucks. Stock up goods that would last more than a month such as toiletries for your family. If you live alone, they could last even more than three months.

Check your storage and use your shop list to plan bulk-buying weekly or monthly. Notice the expiring date for a long-safe-consumption.

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#5 Look for Sale Information

Find out the discount price from the internet or the advertisement paper from the store’s register entrance. Some products have discounts and coupons when buying in considerable numbers.

Transport applications such as Grab or Gojek also offers shopping voucher by simply exchanging your reward point.

Don’t get sidetracked by coupon or discount promotions and always look only for items on your list. 


#6 Time Your Shopping

At the beginning or the end of the month items such as groceries, cosmetics or toiletries are on sale. Sometimes they are offered at lower prices for bulk-buying with extra bonuses or coupons. 

During the holiday season, there are loads of discounts in every store.

Several stores give special discounts on certain days. So pick a slow time such as early in the morning, before 5 pm or at working-hour instead of a busy hour.


#7 Substitute for Expensive Items

When the goods are costly or out of your budget, don’t hesitate to search for the substitute. If you want to buy a laptop but the cost is more than what you can afford, a notebook or tablet could be other options. As long as they have the features you need.

Today a tablet can cost less than even 1 million rupiahs.

For used-electronic items, be sure to check all the spare parts. Consider also the cost of maintenance, especially for transportation such as motorbike or car. See also tip 3.


#8 Create a Monthly Budget

This is a great way to save and prevent you from spending too much money. Try this 30/20/20/20/10 to allocate the hard-earned money.

Use 30% of your after tax-cut income on necessities. This includes groceries, housing, basic utilities, transportation, minimum loan payments, and child care. 

At least give 20% on debt repayment and insurance, and 20% on savings. For entertainment no more than 20% and 10% for religious or charity purposes.

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With regular budgeting, you can be less stress from having unnecessary debt and spend under the limit of your budget.

You would have different expenses each month, therefore keep the budget as flexible as possible.


#9 Keep the Receipt

Some people might avoid this step for a practical reason. Though it seems to be a waste of time, keeping the receipt enable you evaluating the budget.

Turn the receipt into your own price list and use it to calculate your next shopping trip.

Besides, it helps you keep track of your spending each month. This also lets you make an informed decision on your deal.


#10 List Things You Wish to Have

Work can be stressful and reduce your productivity if you are absent from having some fun activities. Sometimes it is liberating to write down things you wish.

So the next time you go to a store, you wouldn’t bother or automatically buy them because the wish list gives you time to reflect on your motive.


#11 Avoid Impulses Buying

Impulse-buying such as for T-shirt on sale or cookies can cost even up to fifty rupiahs.

People also are triggered by a piece of promotional information put in the store. And some big stores used to place food products near the main entrance to get more customers, especially in the holiday season.

Therefore, instead of following your impulse, stick to the list and spend within the budget limit.

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#12 Develop a Simple-Lifestyle

You don’t always have to keep up with the latest trend. Life can still be enjoyable without having expensive stuff you probably don’t need.

Begin a simple lifestyle such as prioritizing necessities rather than want. Plan a weekly menu for your meal.

I used to list ingredients for the meal and buy them once a week. You can apply two different kinds of the weekly menu and buy them twice a month.

Most people love eating out with family or friends on holiday season. Avoid overspending by planning a dinner-out at a café or restaurant that covers your budget.

Other ways, look for a new café or restaurant that has special offers or promotions to save more money.

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Need Some Disciplines

Hopefully, you can save big bucks after reading and trying these tips on your shopping experience. They are some disciplines that could give you financial freedom.

But the bottom line is making a shopping plan and stick to it can make a huge difference in your saving and shopping experience. And may this information help you to make an informed decision so you can enjoy this holiday season and worry-less from having debt.


Share these tips with a friend or relative that you have a chance to develop your own tools for effective and efficient spending.



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