Get Your Credit Card Approved

These days, Credit Card is an important card for some people. It can be used to various financial needs. It doesn’t stop there.

This card supports on some financial urgency or some needs which can’t be planned ahead such as when your car suddenly breaks down. Or you might need a fund to build new small business. However, getting one is not as easy as it sounds sometimes.

If you are planning to request a credit card, here are tips on how to get your card approved.


#1 You Will Have to Get a Job

The very first thing you need to do is to have a job. It will be better if you have a steady job which provide you an income file from the company you work in.

The other reason is sufficient income can help you to pay your debt in your credit card.


#2 Pay Your Debts

Your ability to pay your debts on time or even in time is a positive point to get your card approved. It will become a big factor in your credit score.

Paying the debts on time will keep your credit score.

Otherwise if you pay them late, your credit score will break down and will make it even more difficult to apply a card.

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#3 Pay your Monthly Payments on Time

Your discipline to pay your monthly payments on time will play a big factor if you are about to apply a new card.

Your monthly payment history will make 35% of your credit score.

If you aren’t able to pay your monthly payment on time, it will wreak down your credit score and it is a nightmare. Hence, you have to pay your monthly payment on time.


#4 Aware of Your Credit Score

Credit score is a score which is given to debtor. Score is used by the creditor to measure how eligible is the debtor taking the debt. This score is given especially if you are a credit card holder.

You need to be aware of your factual credit score or at least an estimation it, before you apply another new credit card, especially one with a higher credit limit.

Knowing your factual or estimation of credit card will let you know whether you are qualified or eligible enough to get a new card. The higher credit score you get, you would more likely to get approved and vice versa.

The credit score would be around 300 – 850, if your score is around 720 or more, it is considered as excellent credit. Otherwise, if your score is 640 or less, it is considered as poor credit and will complicate you to get a loan from the bank.


#5 Provide a Warranty

The Bank will ask for an income file to consider whether your income is eligible to get a card. But if you are a sole entrepreneur or freelancer, you can provide a warranty to request a credit card.

The warranty can be deposits in your bank account. The bank will hold your deposits as a warranty. This type of credit request is called a secured credit card, a card which is published with a written guarantee.


#6 Get the Right Credit Card Offered

You might feel confuse or anxious to apply the right card for you. Because it is important to get the best offer and get the one which suits to your needs.

To know which credit card gives best offer, you need to know what your main purpose to apply one is.

Then choose the card which offers some beneficial features, such as rewards, bonuses, annual fee, and more.

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#7 Complete The Requirements

Make sure that you complete all requirements from the bank to apply a credit card. Because if you couldn’t meet their requirements, they can’t grant your wish to get a card, even for only one point.


#8 Consider a Tax Identification Number

Tax identification number is an essential when you are about to request a credit card. So, if you haven’t had one via online on or directly apply in the tax director office.

There are bunch of benefits if you have this tax identification number. It doesn’t only give you way to get a credit card, but also when you are about to apply a passport, creating a business license or applying for mortgage.


#9 Apply Credit Card Via Financial Institution Services

Nothing is impossible, so is getting a card. If you find it very difficult to get an approval, you can try to apply through a financial institution services.

The financial institution services will not only help you to get a credit card approved but give you information to compare various credit cards.

However, this trick might be the risky one because we couldn’t trust someone completely as they are the one who know your personal data such as ID Number, phone number, full name, and other important information.

You need to check their credibility beforehand.


#10 Apply Credit Card to Your Bank

Perk on having a bank account is easier access to apply a card.

The bank will give you less consideration when you apply one as they get easier access to scan your monthly cash flow and your account history.


#11 Apply A Credit Card to Sales Person

To get more customers, Bank will have some sales person who will promote and get some customers to use their credit card.

As they are the ones who find the customers, it will be easier for you to apply credit card to them. Especially, if the sales person hasn’t get any customer in the end of month.

You can easily find them in any mall or some crowded places which are close to ATM machines.


Hacks to Raise Limits on Credit Card

Once you use a credit card and know its benefits, some of you might want a higher limit. As long as you can pay the debt back on time, you can request for higher limit and increase your credit scores by lowering the credit utilization ration.

However, a higher credit limit can be either beneficial or harmful depending on your financial needs and desire of using it.

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It can be harmful if it makes your spending habit becomes uncontrollable or could be worsened that you become over spending. But if you are confident enough that you are financially stable and want to request a higher limit in your card.

Here are some extra tips to increase your limit.


#1 Make a Call to Card Issuer

You will find a dial number of your card issuer in the back of the credit card. By dialing that number, you can ask the customer service representative whether you are eligible to request a higher limit on your credit card.

Prepare a reason why you request a higher limit because the representative might ask you that question. If the reason is your income has been up, you will probably get a higher chance for a higher credit limit.


#2 Apply for New Credit Card

If you have a good account or payment history of the credit that you have, your request of new credit card would likely be approved. The perk is your new credit card would have higher limit that your current one.


#3 Making a Limit Increase Request Online

As the technology is always improving, you don’t have to request a higher credit limit directly to the Bank. Some Banks may allow you to make request online.

Applying credit card can be done online, such as BCA, BRI or BNI. You can sign in to your bank account, you can do it in their mobile apps, and find a ‘request for credit limit’.

You Bank may ask you to update your current data information including current income. If your income has gone up, you would get higher chance to get approved.


#4 Consider your Property Ownership

Property ownership is likely a consideration for the Bank to measure your financial security.

Therefore, whenever you request for a credit card, they would ask your current housing ownership and other kind of questions regarding your property ownership.

The Bank would prioritize customers who own property rather than ones who still live in a rented house.


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