Why You Need To Launch Online Business Now and How

How to make money online: Technology today makes it easier to grow money out of launching a side hustle online. This source of income has a promising return if you know how to manage it.

The online platform allows you to choose which one that serves better your financial needs and time preferences.

You can use the profit to pay your monthly bills such as groceries, utilities or rent even convert it into your passive income that accommodates your long-term goal.


However, some people give up too quickly after facing some mishaps or failures in running this business.

Let’s take a quick glance over 3 common faults people do when starting an online business.


#1 Have No Goal

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Without planning the target of customers, target of time to reach the profit and likelihood of loss, and the budget to cover the loss and it’s recovery, the business would not run longer. Instead, it just draining out your money, time, and energy.

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Start with a simple plan that ensures your business run well in the first stage of launching!


#2 Lack of Cash Flow Management

Cash flow management deals with conducting the assets, liabilities, incomes, and expenses. Sometimes, focusing too much on gaining profit may cause you to neglect the flow of income.

This happens when someone mainly focuses on expanding the business. Business expansion doesn’t necessarily mean a rise in customers.  


#3 Concentrate Too Much on Minor Things

Don’t be tempted to detail your business cards, logo or other little pieces of stuff that may consume your valuable time.

Instead, use your time on developing a longer-term plan or effort to raise your audiences or customers.


#4 Miscalculation on Pricing

Offering too low price for your product could be contra-productive. It is because of the expectation of higher returns when you offer promotional products or services to attract customers or audiences.

Without comparing the market price to value your products, you could run out of cash before generating any profit.

If you are a beginner in doing online businesses and intend to grow a passive income out of it, it’s good to seek some advice from a financial adviser or mentor. Don’t hesitate to ask our financial planner here.

Develop an online business is not an easy task, but knowing this shouldn’t discourage you to start, instead, motivates you to prepare and plan it seriously.

To help you, there are some simple rules could be applied to establish your business online.

Let’s go over these rules!


#1 Vision

Have you ever seen successful people in the world running a great company? If you observe their life, one thing they have in common is a vision.

The vision, the big picture you have in mind will keep you from diverting and will guide you towards your goal.

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There is power in your vision. The clearer the vision, the more effective you work towards it, because vision helps you detect the noises. So, does your business represent your vision?


#2 Passion

Does your online business evoke your passion? Passion is not just an ambition. It is an undeniable desire that makes you endure painful situations to reach your goal.

Passion moves you to voluntarily work hard on establishing your business even though it costs your time, money and energy more than you realize.

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Passion doesn’t make your journey easier, but it absolutely makes you determined toward your goal.         


#3 First Step First

Yes! It’s true! First thing first is your first step. Don’t wait for some confirmation toward the idea of your business, act on it!

Sometimes, certainty comes when you take action. This doesn’t mean that you go without specific business plans. You need them.

In fact, they’ll come up when you act, be it finding information about the strength, weakness and opportunity of your business, managing budget plan or finding business networks.

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To borrow from NIKE’s slogan, just do it!

Ok, with that said, let’s jump into some practical steps you need to consider before starting the business.


#1 Consider your Budget

The budget follows your business model, this includes consideration of risk and opportunity that your business likely to have.

As a first step, you might want to look for a business model that has the minimum cost to start.

There are many side hustle online that takes you zero cost. No matter the source of budget or business model you have, the main thing is to plan your budget for short to long-term periods.

Don’t forget separate the budget for online business from your expenses.


#2 Products

Focus on developing the quality of your product. This includes the brand and value you can give to the customers. Think of the product people might need or giving solution to their problem.

Which market will take an interest in consuming your product? How do you put the price to your product compared with one in the market? What attracts people to consume your product?

Remember that the quality of your product goes before the customers. 


#3 Methods 

This is related to your product.

Today, the platforms are vary, from websites, social media such as FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, or INSTAGRAM to online market places such as TOKOPEDIA, BUKALAPAK even social chat like WHATSAPP or LINE.

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Using the suitable medium in selling your products would attract more customers, but, notice that the most effective and powerful way is choosing the medium that speaks your passion.

Why? There are probably other sellers offer the same product as yours. Therefore, your passion will add the quality of the product that differentiate yours from others. 


#4 Marketing

In his book Guerilla Marketing Excellence: The 50 Golden Rule for Small Business Success, Jay Conrad Levinson emphasized the prime prospects are those who will likely to buy right away after seeing your product. They can be your relatives, friends or your co-workers.

The idea is you are sure that your targeted buyers are looking for your product and really take an interest in it.

If you have no main buyer at all, Levinson suggests to offer a consultative selling, which helps people to understand your product and the value they can get without charging any cost.


#5 Get a Mentor

Everyone needs at least an advice from someone. It can be a suggestion or constructive critic or corrections.
A mentor is a person who has been at least in the business similar to yours. They will share their experience and knowledge of both success and failure in doing business also the way they respond to it.

Let your mentor know your business idea and expectation. Let them give you necessary instruction or correction in the process of building your business. Do you have someone in mind to be your mentor?


Hopefully, after knowing these rules, you are motivated to prepare and take your first step into the online business. 

Below are the top 4 online business that requires a very minimal monetary investment.


#1 Drop-shipping

This one is very easy to do and takes a small amount of cash to begin.

You can be a drop-shipper whether you are a college student, an employee, an employer or a housewife. You only need internet connection through a smartphone or a laptop and a supplier.

Things you don’t have to do are renting a warehouse to store your items, packing, shipping products to customers and taking inventory or managing the stock. All of these are done by the supplier.

You also don’t have to rent for an office, wherever you stay now can be one. Beside its flexibility, there is also no boundary of what item you can offer to customers.

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However, being a drop-shipper is not risk-free. To be realistic, there’s a challenge that lays behind this e-commerce business. Since there are many drop-shippers today, the competition must be tight in terms of pricing.

From the supplier party who aims on generating revenue, they will set a low price.

Therefore, the margins you can derive from your price are small. In addition, your inventory daily will change if you have more than one supplier. A mistake in making list on daily basis costs you time and money.

Another risk is the supplier’s error. Low-quality shipping or bad stock management done by the supplier will affect your relationship with the customers.

Notice that regardless of the challenges and weakness that comes along with the business, you don’t have to worry as each problem comes with a solution. All you can do is preparing for a good inventory system and the rules that you and your suppliers agreed upon.

These include your responsibility in case the items arrive late or the buyer finds the items are broken or damaged.


#2 Blogger

Your writing skill could be an asset you can turn into an income. Why not trying this promising passive-income producer? Especially if you are good with communicating ideas from your expertise and publishing them.

Delivering them in a blog is worth your time. This is relatively easy especially for those who are a freelancer, a housewife or a college student contrast to those who are a full-time employee.

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The cost of creating a blog is rock-bottom and almost free, except for the price of having internet connection and of course, a device to work with, and building a website. Google sources generated by articles and news published online.

That’s why blog such as Huffington Post become a news blog with the highest revenue.

While sharing your opinion or performing your expertise, you can also build a community out of your audiences or share your business product. This can double up your profit and strengthen your personal branding.


Now, here some challenges you need to know when starting a blog. If you are new to a blog niche, choosing the right topic would be difficult.

Other than a business product, a topic that is too specific or too general could shrink down readers or confuse them. That’s why deciding the right content for the blog is crucial.

When a blogger stuck with an idea, it affects the consistency in meeting the content schedule which later will influence the readers. Along with that, another challenge is to develop the traffic and volume of readers visiting the blog.

The last but not least, a blogger should look for a way to monetize the blog.

If those are what challenges you, here are some solutions you can apply.

First, develop your blog content based on your passion. You can use the uniqueness of passion as your personal brand product for your reader.

It might be your expertise or your personalities. 

Second, if you are getting stuck, you can look for sources of inspiration to bring a fresh idea to your mind. You can do activities gets you inspired.

The last one is to monetize the blog. Creating a blog for the first time takes a lot of effort and time. Having a strategic plan could absolutely pave the way to receive passive income.

You can develop your blog content first by being consistent in your writing and schedule to capture your readers. When the blog has enough readers, you can use affiliate marketing or advertising to start receive the income.


#3 Online Shop

As it was mentioned above, besides drop-ship, you can also sell your own craft or service through an online shop. You can promote them easily 24/7 and gain local and global publicity.

It also expands your community around your field expertise where you also can learn to develop your own product. Besides, this can free up your time. In the long run, you can build up a passive income from the business.

Some challenges you may face on this enterprise is finding the prime prospects. You also have to spend much time and effort in developing the quality of the brand.

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Find the main customer who possibly purchase your product, if there is none, you can cultivate relationships with your audiences by giving them valuable information regarding your product.

In this way, you offer them a value that they know can solve their problems.

Remember to practice rule number 1 & 2 so that the buyer is aware of your product value and avoid mistakes number 3 that is getting side track.

As you are the one who is responsible for the distribution including the shipping, creating a system of inventory and distribution is highly important besides developing the design and performance of the online platforms.

You also can use the service from an online retailer such as TOKOPEDIA, BUKALAPAK, ETSY or SHUTTERSTOCK.  


#4 Freelance 

 If you are desperate to have more free time doing what you love or being with those you love, then working as a freelance should be the option. Not only could it be the source of income, but the free time you dream of can come true.

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It is great how the internet today could reach out billions of people in the world, including you and me. It means there is boundless opportunity 24/7 online for somebody to hire you.

Take a look at FIVERR that providing a platform to promote your writing skills. You can improve your creativity and network with new people with less budget.

The more experience you have, the higher the rate you’ll get and the more people will come to hire you.

The challenges this work are being consistent in meeting the deadline and bringing a creative or fresh idea to the content you write. This goes the same with being a blogger.

Another thing to consider is some companies offer lower prices. If you are a beginner focus on building your writing skills and don’t be afraid,  your sweat will be paid off!

The truth is, there is no work without any effort. Along with that, make sure the company isn’t a scam one. Look for the information on the profile before making any deal.



Making money online can be done by almost everyone from less to zero cash.

Stay clear of the mistakes by learning from them and apply the rules to keep you on track of your goal.

On top of that, let’s not forget the meaning of this saying by Lao Tzu “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step“.


Are you still afraid taking action to make money online? If yes, let us know what things discourage you! If you have started the business, share us your experiences by leaving the comment below.

Perhaps your one step is to share this information to other people that will get the benefit of this article.



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